Northern light

The main reason tourists like travelling to our remote corner of the world is the Northern Lights.

Tana Husky is located in the best area of the world to watch the spectacular light-show in the sky
. The reason that this is the best area is that we are in the middle of the main acitvity for the auroral oval at 70˚ north
. We often have clear sky because of a stable inland climate. And we have very little light-polution here. In the Municipality of Tana we are less than 3000 inhabitants and we have 4000 squarekilometres of land. So a lot of space, and also a lot of silence. You can stay at one of the Aurora-companies accomodations and follow their Northern-lights -chasings in the evenings, and do your dogsledding at Tana Husky in daylight. Or you can book an evening-trip or an overnight-trip, to experience the northern-light from the dogsled.