Photo: Michael Ritter

Tana Husky

Enjoy the silence. In The Municipality of Tana we are living less than 3000 people spread out over 4000 square kilometers. We have a lot of space, and a lot of silence. Traveling with dogsleds – that’s the silent way of traveling
. During a sled-dogtrip you can just enjoy the moment, just be………….

Dog sledding

Drive your own dog-team or be a passenger. Short taste or multiple-day-trip

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. We are ready to fulfill your husky-dream.

About us

Dag Broch compete with his huskies in long-distance-races in Norway every winther. Bergebyløpet and Finnmarksløpet is going on in the same area where we have our tourist-tracks.


Dag Broch sings a lot to his dogs. He can also sing for you if you like to book a concert