Photo: Klaus-Petter Kappest

Winter program

1 hour, be a passenger in the dogsled driven by a proffesional guide, , or drive the sled yourself

1 hour, 79 Euro per person

Silent trip – 3 hour at Tana Husky, included 2 hour sledding, stories around an open campfire, drinks and snacks

160 Euro per person

Day trip, included lunch around an open campfire

315 Euro per person

All the prices is for groups at least 4 persons. For less people  contact us  for an offer

Overnight trips  : we do overnight-trips 1,2,3,4, 5 or 6 nights. Contact us for details

Among the modifiable factors include: amoxil 500mg coronary of the heart in Patients who suffer from angina and can’t.

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