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Tana Husky

Experience dogsledding winter and summer.

Tana Husky is located in the beautiful Tana Valley in Northern Norway

The dogs are waiting to bring you out in our wilderness.

.....Cooperation with the dogs, silence, northern light, moonlight, the Tana River .....



  1 person 2 or more
Carousel 10-15 minutes 39 Euro
39  Euro per person
...30minutes - 1 hour 77 Euro
77 Euro per person
Silent trip - 3 hour at Tana Husky, included 2 hour mushing 155 Euro
155 Euro per person
Day trip 446 Euro 306 Euro per person
2 days trip, lunch to lunch 890 Euro
613 Euro per person
3 days trip, lunch to lunch  1114 Euro
890 Euro per person


4 days special;                  1504 Euro      1114 Euro per person

day 1: arrival in the evening, get to know eachother, powerpoint about dogsledding

day 2: course in the dogyard, packing and off we go with the dogs, out in the wilderness

day 3: travelling with the dogs all day, reindeer meal in the evening

day 4: travelling to the ending-point of this trip. a good sauna and a good meal

day 5: good morning and good bye


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